Easy to spy whatsapp messages without rooting


You can spy whatsapp messages without rooting, view the date and time of the conversation – the name and number of the sender. iSpytic lets you see all the conversations that happen through WhatsApp target phone.

With WhatsApp iSpytic spyware that can:

  • It will monitor all conversations from WhatsApp.
  • Subscribe estate WhatsApp messages without phone screen.
  • There are time and date to indicate when a conversation took place.
  • Find out the name and number of the person you are chatting.

Why do you need Whatsapp spy feature?

As your loved ones using WhatsApp to hide text conversations with her? Are you afraid that your employees are just wasting your time going on WhatsApp? Want to know exactly what is this? To do what he wants with his eye on the media sharing?iSpytic allows you to spy whatsapp messages without rooting on any conversation that takes place WhatsApp on your phone and will help you get the full story of their conversations. WhatsApp access all the tracking information to log into the control panel of your iSpytic online.

Platform support for WhatsApp display functions

Text messaging WhatsApp must be supervised because if your child is a part of a large number of users exchanging lots of text messages every day such can not be an opportunity, a sweat! It’s free, fast and discreet than normal SMS.


According to the statistics show that more than 5,000 keyword searches on Google to find out how to perform a follow masseges WhatsApp in one day! Because you can not keep track WhatsApp messages on their mobile phones, not appearing on phone bills, which helps you spy whatsapp messages without rooting a little more complicated than you think and that is why you are trying to learn how to WhatsApp chats track!

Bullying or toxic talk can occur not only in text messages or calls, but through WhatsApp is good.You need to be in the know about what’s going to stop any possible risks to your family or your business.